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How About a Fun, Safe and Educational Afterschool Program!

Our Afterschool program is a perfect solution for parents who are looking for a place that provides a high-level of cleanness and safety for its students, fun activities, and martial arts classes.

We offer a safe and healthy environment with a highly trained staff who will teach students about respect, discipline, martial arts and fitness classes. Our classes have limited enrollees, so act today!

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Afterschool Program in Our Dojo!

Our Afterschool space is designed to provide an inspirational and educational environment for kids 5-12. And a karate class after homework is completed is just icing on the cake.


Afterschool Environments Should be 100% Quality

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New school years are always stressful. Let Lozo Karate give you and your family some extra support this year. We are proud to support our community with an Afterschool program that provides your child with a quality afterschool routine every day while having fun with friends.

Our afterschool space is designed to inspire each student to learn new skills. They will have time to work on their homework, learn life lessons, and they will have martial arts class every day and learn karate.

At Lozo Karate, safety is our top priority. You’ll feel relief knowing that we are following all of the CDC recommended guidelines for COVID-19. Your child will be safe, while they also get to interact and grow along kids their own age.


Kids of All Ages Love It

Fun Time, Homework and Martial Arts!

We guarantee your child will be busy and active with fun activities, homework time, and martial arts training.

And the best part?

You’ll get a peace of mind knowing that your child is being well taken care of in a friendly, supportive and structured environment.


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They Will Absolutely Love It!

Our afterschool program includes:

  • Martial Arts/Fitness class every day
  • Dedicated homework time
  • Fun group activities/ games
  • Socializing with friends in a fun, safe environment

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