What Does Our Black Belt Club Offer?

A Healthy Mind & Body Through Karate Training

Like any tool, a body must be honed and maintained. As Peachtree Corners’ top martial arts studio, Lozo Karate has developed a program to not just teach you powerful self-defense skills, but to train your body and mind to become stronger, fitter, more focused, and stress-free.

Our program has been specifically designed to accommodate anyone, including those with no fighting experience at all!

We seek to improve the lives of anyone interested in learning the art of self-defense. As such, our Teen & Adult Karate program is streamlined and structured so that anyone who participates can and will benefit, whether they are improving current abilities, or seeking to learn new ones.

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Spinning Back Kick after quick stance switch

Black Belt Teens & Adults

Mae Geri – Ushiro Geri (Front Kick – Spinning Back Kick) combination

Black Belt Club Teens & Adults

Black Belt exam – Kumite

Black Belt Club Teens & Adults

Black Belt exam – Kata

Black Belt Club Teens & Adults


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Become the best you can be!

In addition to basic techniques, katas (forms) and self-defense techniques, the Black Belt Club for teens and adults provides training that will dramatically improve your technical knowledge and physical abilities.

Our Teen & Adult Karate prioritizes wellness and conditioning just as much as combat defense. If you join our program, you WILL see a marked improvement in your fitness and health! The skills you acquire during your training are guaranteed to improve your cardiovascular health, your muscular strength, and your overall bodily performance.

Our karate classes in Peachtree Corners will also offer you:

  • Boosted self-confidence and discipline
  • Heightened focus
  • Lower stress & anxiety levels
  • A supportive & motivational community


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Our Teen & Adult Karate prioritizes wellness and conditioning just as much as combat defense

Most importantly, all students enrolled in the Black Belt Club will work toward one of the main goals of karate training: earning a Black Belt rank. The Black Belt Club training program teaches commitment and dedication, the two qualities required to reach the Black Belt rank, as well as how to succeed in private and/or professional life.

  • Karate techniques
  • Kata (forms)
  • Kumite (sports sparring)
  • Self-defense
  • Traditional weapon Bo Staff
  • Board breaking

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