Our Response To Covid-19

We were religiously maintaining the hospital level of cleanliness inside of our facility even before the start of COVID 19 pandemic. But now, we are doing even more in order to keep our students, clients, and guests safe and healthy: we use VIRUCIDAL SOLUTION for cleaning high touch surfaces, we clean the air with the two HEPA 13 MEDICAL GRADE PURIFIERS, we are measuring body temperature of each person that enters our dojo with the INFRA RED THERMOMETERS, and we have the HAND SANITIZING STATIONS throughout facility.

In addition:

  • We are strict in enforcing 9 FEET DISTANCE between the students during our classes.
  • For now, only parents of our Little Tigers (3-5 y/o students) are allowed to seat in the lobby area, all other parents must stay out of facility.
  • All students, parents, and guests must ENTER THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR (Spalding Drive side) and EXIT THROUGH THE BACK DOOR (Holcomb Bridge Road side).
  • There is a 15 MINUTE TIME BUFFER between the classes so our staff will have enough time to disinfect all high touch surfaces and equipment.

One of many infection prevention protocols implemented at our dojo since the beginning of Covid 19 pandemic. Fogger is a particle atomizer which ensures that the EPA’s List N virucide we are using will reach even the smallest air pockets and surfaces inside of our facility. We are doing everything in our power to make our students and clients safe, and much more than we are mandated to do.

  • Use of the water fountains is prohibited.
  • Our COVID 19 POLICY is clearly displayed on all our doors and throughout facility

Only thing we were not able to do so far was to invent the vaccine for COVID 19. We are telling you all of this with intention to assure you that it is much safer to visit our dojo than any grocery, home improvement, or retail  store, or restaurant.

Stay safe.

Lozo Karate

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