Samurai Club

In addition to advanced techniques, katas (forms) and advanced and extreme self-defense techniques, the Samurai Club provides training that will dramatically improve your technical knowledge and physical abilities.

In addition to advanced karate and self-defense techniques against both unarmed and armed attackers, the Samurai Club students learn how to practice advanced broad breaking and how to use the traditional weapons such as Staff, Nunchaku, Sai, Tonfa, Escrima Stick, Kama. Also, Samurai Club students, if they wish, will be trained in sports-oriented karate techniques and strategies so they can test themselves in sports competition.

Most importantly, all students enrolled in the Samurai Club will work toward one of the main goals of karate training: earning a Black Belt rank. After earning 1st Degree Black Belt, they will continue working toward earning higher degrees of Black Belt.  The Samurai Club training program teaches commitment and dedication, the two qualities required to reach the Black Belt rank, as well as how to have success in private and/or professional life.

  •  Advanced karate techniques
  •  Advanced kata (forms)
  •  Advanced kumite (sports sparring)
  •  Advanced and extreme self-defense
  •  Advanced board breaking
  •  Advanced traditional weapon training (Bo Staff, Nunchaku, Sai, Tonfa, Escrima Stick, Kama)
  •  Sports competition preparation and participation


Click here to download the schedule – Kids 5-12


Click here to download the schedule – Teens & Adults